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-====== The Author ====== +~~REDIRECT>​
- +
-===== Who am I? ===== +
- +
-Hello, and thanks for asking! My name is Julien Dessaux, and I am a 32 years old guy working in IT. Adyxax is the nickname I use on IRC, github, etc. +
- +
-===== Social Networks ===== +
-You won't find me on social networking websites. I have a Google+ and a Linkedin account that I don't use and that's it. I tried to make those work but I just don't get this aspect of modern society. I hang out with my friends when I want to hang out with them, and each time it's a blast : we talk about our lives, what happened to us. We share photos and stories while having a beer and it's really great that way : I don't want to change any of that. +
- +
-===== Professional Career ===== +
-I'm currently employed as a System and Network Architect at an awesome company named [[|AlterWay]],​ after 7 years at another awesome company named [[http://​​|Intersec]] where I lead the IT team. +
- +
-==== Intersec ==== +
-When I joined Intersec in September 2009 as the first full time system administrator we were just about 15 people. When I left in 2016 it had grown up to more than 160 people with branch offices in three countries, and I am glad I was along for the ride. I have been the head of IT for about four years, participating in Intersec'​s growth by scaling the infrastructure,​ deploying new services (Remote access, email, backups, monitoring, etc.), and recruiting my teammates. I left Intersec looking for new challenges and for a new life away from the capital. Paris is one of the best cities on earth, but I needed a change and left for Lyon. +
- +
-==== AlterWay ==== +
-I joined Alterway in October 2016 for a more technical role and a bit of a career shift towards networking. It has been and still is a great experience. +
- +
-===== How to get in touch ===== +
-You can write me an email at julien[dot]dessaux[at]adyxax[dot]org,​ I will answer.  +
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