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I have been an on and off nethack player since about 2008, and even though I am biased by this fact I will say that Nethack is just the best game one could ever play in its computer gaming life. Almost ten years later, I finally won my first game, after countless stupid deaths and so so many hours of fun.

  • first_ascension : a lawful human Valkyrie ascended to demigodhood in december 2017.
  • second_ascension : a lawful human Samourai ascended to demigodhood in june 2018.
  • third_ascension : a chaotic elf ranger ascended to demigodhood in june 2019.

Stupid deaths

Here are some of the deaths that I found a bit “creative” in their own way :

  • Striking a sea monster that was holding me with Mjollnir while not being myself shock resistant.
  • Talking to an aligned priest while my god was angry with me. The priest got angry and obliterated me.
  • Thinking that because a monster stepped on a square it is safe for you to do so. In my case I was very low on HP when I killed a dwarf king, and when I went on his square to loot the corpse I triggered an arrow trap that the dwarf had escaped, and died.


Here is my .nethackrc configuration for nethack 3.6.1.

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