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  • Add a public ssh key for user authentication
security login create -user-or-group-name admin -application ssh -authmethod publickey
publickey create -vserver clust01 -username admin -publickey "ssh-rsa XXXXX=="
  • To retrieve a volume from a network address :
export-policy rule show -clientmatch
volume show -policy alt_Pol1
  • Manually take a snapshot : snapshot create -vserver <vserver> <volume> <snap_name>
  • Find out who mounts how many times anything : show-clients -node CLUSTER01-02
  • On netapp 8.3, list active clients connections : network connections active show -service NFS* -host <IP>
  • Inspect failover configuration : network interface show -failover
  • sysstat : node run local “sysstat -x 1”
  • Get inventory informations :
system node run -node NODE -command sysconfig -a
environment status
  • manage dedup on a volume : volume efficiency off gdcnfs2
  • report on dedup : df -S
  • performance consoles :
qos statistics volume characteristics show -refresh-display true
qos statistics volume performance show -refresh-display true
qos statistics volume latency show -refresh-display true
qos statistics volume resource cpu show -node NODE
  • Resizing a volume : volume size -vserver svm_prod01 -volume tech01 -new-size +100G
  • Adding inodes : volume modify -vserver svm_prod01 -volume tech01 -files 80000000
  • Show disk firmwares : storage disk show -fields firmware-revision,model
  • Create a missing junction path : qtree create -vserver VS -qtree vol -volume VS_root
  • Resize a root volume :
volume show -vserver * -volume vol0
volume modify -vserver * -volume vol0 -size 300G
  • investigate memory corruption errors :
    set adv
    system node show-memory-errors -node <cluster_node>
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