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PIC Port and Interface Numbering

Each port on a PIC corresponds to a unique interface name in the CLI.

In the syntax of an interface name, a hyphen (-) separates the media type from the FPC slot number (represented as an FPC in the CLI). The FPC slot number corresponds to the first number in the interface. The second number in the interface corresponds to the PIC number. The last number in the interface matches the port number on the PIC. Slashes (/) separate the FPC number from the PIC number and port number: type-fpc/pic/port.

You can show chassis hardware to list all fpc and pic.

Show optics details

  • show chassis pic fpc-slot <fpc-slot> pic-slot <pic-slot>
  • show interfaces diagnostics optics <interface-name>
  • Configure a port as edge :
    set protocols mstp interface ae1 edge
  • Disable spanning tree on a specific port :
    set protocols mstp interface ge-2/0/18.0 disable
    set ethernet-switching-options bpdu-block interface ge-2/0/18 drop
  • Reactivate an interface blocked by spanning-tree :
    clear ethernet-switching bpdu-error interface ge-2/0/18


  • show | display set
  • show | compare
  • commit confirmed
  • kick a logged in user :
    • Get the tty (usually like u0 or p0) from show system users
    • Get the login pid (the one with ??) from show system processes |match u0
    • Terminate the session : request system logout terminal q0
  • show bgp summary
  • show route protocol bgp receive-protocol bgp <peer> <range>
  • Inspect routes with : show configuration policy-options prefix-list bgp-neighbors |display inheritance
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