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Welcome to this SysAdmin wiki

Don't look too much around you, it's some kind of a mess right now. Anyway you might find something usefull, cause that's what I intend to do with this place : make it useful. The purpose of this wiki is essentially to provide myself with a convenient way to take notes about stuff I have been working on.

You can see this wiki as an aggregation of various information (but almost always SysAdmin related) and stuff I gathered around the Internet. I started this because it is not always interesting to spend much time looking for something across forums, mailing-lists, etc. So when I have to work on something that needed some research, I put there a sum up of what I have done, all along with personal thoughts.

Well I hope you feel welcome here. I accept all good wills that might be motivated to add some material here. Do not hesitate to leave a message at adyxax -AT-, asking for a translations or whatever ;-)

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